Books in my life

A book is one of the greatest wonders of world. Why are so many people fond of reading? The world of books is full of wonders. You and characters of books can find yourselves in different countries and have a lot of adventures. The book is a faithful friend. They form our values and characters. We try to look like the characters of our favourite books: to be brave, honest, not to be silly and greedy, to be true friends. We enjoyed the beauty and wisdom of fairy-tales and fables when we were babies and Granny read them to us. They taught us to be kind, clever, hardworking, to understand other people and help them. They teach us to understand the beauty of nature, take care of it, to love our homeland. Books have been with us since childhood. Who hasn’t read «Alice in the Wonderland», «Mowgli»? Who hasn’t travelled with Marry Poppins to her imaginary world? Who hasn’t imagined himself to be Robinson Crusoe on the deserted island? I have read a lot of interesting books, but my favourite book is «The Adventures of Tom Sawyer» by Mark Twain. This well-known book is popular with children all over the world. The main character of the book is Tom Sawyer, who lived in a small town on the Mississippi River. He was a boy with a wild imagination. He and his friends often dreamed of different adventures. Tom was naughty, kind and brave. Besides, he was noble. I like this boy because he teaches us to be true friends. If you are not fond of reading, take a book to your liking or borrow it in a library and read it. Books are worth reading. Really, they are our good friends.


Contemporary life is impossible without reading. The influence of literature on people's mind is great. Regular reading enriches your knowledge of the world and helps to form your entire personality. If a book appeals to you, it arouses lots of feelings and emotions in your heart. If you take to reading, the world of other people's ideas and problems becomes familiar to you. The process of reading demands much thinking on the part of the reader because reading exists not only for entertainment. When you are taken away by a thrilling plot and by author's vivid imagination or by his humorous remarks or by the way he portrays people, you can't help reading the book from cover to cover, when the life of a literary character is similar to yours, you take described events close to heart. If you feel that you lack information, knowledge, and words to express your opinions - read more! Thanks to books we can talk to people who lived in different countries and ages. A book is one of the greatest wonders of the world. It gives you a unique chance to link up with authors who lived hundreds and thousands years ago. The book is a faithful and undemanding friend. It can be put aside and taken up again at any moment. Read more and you'll never be bored!

A Treasure House of Literature

Libraries play an important role in the cultural development of a country. People have a desire to learn, they seek knowledge. Books satisfy this desire.

We can find all kinds of books in libraries: novels, biographies, fiction, short stories, books on traveling, technical books, books for children, magazines and so on. In some libraries we can find books in many foreign languages.

When readers come to a library for the first time they fill in their library card and the librarian helps them to choose something to read. The readers are allowed to borrow books for a certain number of days. The catalogues help readers to find the books they need. Reading rooms are open to everybody who wishes to work there. Besides books we can get periodicals, newspaper files and magazines to read there. Readers come to reading- rooms to study and prepare material for reports or for scientific work. Sometimes libraries are called the treasure house of information because books enrich our experience with that of the other people.

I enjoy books of different genres: adventure and detective stories, science fiction and fantasies. I would like to tell you about my favorite book – Harry Potter.

It is one of the most amusing book I‘ve read during the last few years. I am sure that everybody agrees with me that this is the most enjoyable, entertaining and fascinating book which is read with great interest by children and adults as well.

I think this novel is very popular among children because it consists of several parts. In each part HP, the main character of the novel, becomes older and older and the young reader grows up with him while reading the book chapter by chapter. In fact HP is a boy of our age.

This is the story of ordinary children having extraordinary adventures.

The life of the author has much in common with the life of her hero – It was not always easy. J.Rowling was born on the 31 of July 1965 in a small town near Bristol, England. This is the same date of birth as HP has.

After divorce she lived on a public assistance in a tiny Edinburgh flat with her infant daughter. Then she wrote her first book named “HP and the Philosopher’s stone” and it was HP that rescued her from poverty. The first book was a hit for both - children and adult readers.

The Scottish Art Council gave her a grant to finish the book. HP won the British Book Awards Children’s Book of the Year and many other prizes on both sides of the Atlantic. Book rights were sold to England, France, Italy, Germany, Greece, Holland, Finland, Denmark, Spain, Sweden, Russia and many other countries of Europe.

J.Rowling is the novelist whose science fiction fantasy HP series originally intended for young readers has crossed generational boundaries and has many adult fans.

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