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Topic "My Family" 

Тема "Моя семья" 

I would like to tell you about my family. 

My family is small (big). We are 4 in the family.

I have got a mother, a father, a sister (a brother,a grandmother and a grandfather).

My mother is the best in the world. 

Her name is Irina Petrovna.

She is 35. My mother is a teacher.

Her hobby is cooking and garderning.

My father is a worker.

His name is Ivan Nikolaevich.

He is tall, strong and brave.

My father is fond of repairing his car and watching TV.

My sister is small. She is 5 years old.

She does not go to school.

Her name is Sveta.

She likes to play with our pet Snezhok.

It is a cat. It is white, kind and funny.

I am Vitya.

I am 12 years old.

I am a student in the 5-th Form.

I am fond of drawing and swimming.

I go in for football.

I love my family very much.

I am sure my family is the best.



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